29 November 2011

Have you tried alternative medical treatments? Have you had success?

Like most amputees, I suffer from non-specific chronic pain. Since I was released from the hospital, I've been on pain meds (Neurontin and Percocet). Though decreased, the daily dosage has plateaued. I still feel foggy and disoriented at times and would like to be able to stop or reduce further the meds I'm taking.
For the past six months, I've been receiving acupuncture treatments to relieve chronic pain in an attempt to reduce the daily dosage of pain meds I'm taking. Almost immediately, I was able to go down from four to three Percocet per day. That reduction in pain meds has improved my mental clarity (and reduced constipation related to pain meds), along with the unanticipated benefit of decreasing my anxiety level. For me, acupuncture treatments have been very beneficial. I've shared this information with my physicians -- and they're also happy to hear that my intake of pain meds has reduced.
Do you see a chiropractor? Use herbal medicine or homeopathy? If you're an amputee, I'd like to collect information based on your experiences with alternative medicine. Visit my survey "What is your experience with Complementary and Alternative Medicine?" -- it'll take just a few minutes of your time.
Results from the survey will be posted in January.

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