30 October 2010

I'm back

I'd almost given up on writing a blog. I'm a very private person and was feeling self-conscious about sharing my thoughts and ideas. But I've decided to give it another go.

My best thinking happens while I'm physically active. It seems that while my body is occupied, my mind is free to wander. And the less I try to direct my thoughts, the better I am at sorting them out. It may even be more enjoyable than dreaming.

Often, while I'm swimming, I compose posts to share. The thought, the word choice -- it all seems so entertaining and perfectly structured. But then, once I've had the pleasure of experiencing it, it seems unnecessary to write it down.

I would, however, like to capture my thoughts and experiences as an amputee. The challenges I face in everyday life, overcoming the simple struggles that all amputees face: I think that chronicling the process will be useful to other amputees. So here goes...

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