27 December 2009

appreciating small progress

I've been knitting a lot during my recovery. It's something I learned as a child but never continued as an adult. Who has time for hobbies or crafts? I always thought--I'm too busy with important things: learning, working, doing.

Today I reminded myself that a year ago I was unconscious, in a hospital bed in ICU. Nine months ago, when I woke up, my hands were too weak to open a water bottle or take the plastic wrap off my hospital meal. Now I'm knitting. In fact, the project I'm working on now is fine work on small needles (3.5mm):

This is the first four inches of a scarf, with cabling and multiple stitch patterns.

So maybe I can't skate across the ice or shovel snow. Yet. Appreciate the small advances.

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  1. Good for you Brenda, it's gorgeous! I just suddenly had an urge to knit again recently and bought a book about felting, it had a pattern for a lap top bag that was really cool. Then I realised I have to knit it really huge in order to shrink it, that was enough to put me off... one of these days :-) Just got your Christmas card, thank you! And then today I found a photo of you in a very strange coat with Michael Ellis, who's in an even stranger coat - I figure it's about 14 years ago, can we be that old? I miss you. (the other) Brenda x