24 December 2009

a note about my posts

My intent in writing this blog is to document my personal experiences, good bad and ugly, during my first year as an amputee. I've already gotten a late start--my accident was just over a year ago--but in my defense I've been conscious for only nine months. And I've just started writing this blog. So it'll be my first "self-conscious" year as an amputee.

My psychotherapist tells me that my emotional experiences are normal; she assures me that I'm progressing well in my recovery. So I hope that by capturing my honest experiences I'll be able to share them with other amputees in the future. If I can do this, if I can make it through this difficult time, then so can anyone else. If, in the future, someone else's experiences unfortunately mirror mine, perhaps knowing that I've been through it will help them feel less alone and more part of a community: the disabled community and also the world.

So my intent is to keep it raw: no cursing but no self-censoring either. I hope that if you know someone who's a recent amputee you'll share my thoughts with him/her. And also point them to the Amputee Coalition of America's web site (http://www.amputee-coalition.org).

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