20 December 2009

shoveling snow

Like I said earlier, every day presents a new challenge. This morning it was cleaning up after the storm. I got myself all bundled up, prosthesis on, and was mentally prepared to go out in the snow. Lucky for me a young man arrived at that moment--pushing a snow blower. He works for the management company and had come to clear the drive. He ran a path down my walkway and I picked up a shovel to clean up around the edges. Carefully, carefully, I cleared the walkway to the garage (that's where the trashcan is stored) and tentatively made it up the walk and back. Phew! I read somewhere, in information I received from the ACA, that amputees use ten times as much energy as able-bodied people. (That can't be right, or else I'd be eating 10x as much as normal!) Well, whatever. It's hard work. I know I sure get tired out quickly!

Learning notes:
1. Keep the shovel handy. You don't want to have to walk through deep snow just to get to the shovel.
2. Keep your crutches near the door. I forgot, and had to walk through the entire house, to my bedroom, to take off my leg with its wet and snowy boot attached.
3. Hire someone else to do the heavy work, like snow-blowing.

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