15 December 2009

good luck

Within the past three days I've been offered a new pair of skis, a foot and $250 cash. Maybe my luck has turned.

Ed Dusick, a wonderful man who donates his time to work with the Wounded Warrior Project and other programs for disabled athletes, offered to help me find a pair of skis after we met at the Gaylord Hospital Ski Discovery Night last week. The next day I got a phone call from him. Within 24 hours he had arranged to get a brand new pair of Atomic skis for me--with bindings! (I'm not clear on the details, whether the donation is from Atomic or a retailer.)

Then I got an email from a fellow Thunderbird who's working for the inventor of a prosthetic foot. This inventor is proposing a different suspension system and is looking for amputees to try it out. They've offered me a foot in return for my insights.

And then my friend Cameron, who I've known now for 30 years, told me that he quit smoking and is going to give me the money he saves from not buying cigarettes. I couldn't think of a more generous offer. He handed me a roll of bills, and I stuffed it in my pocket. I guess part of me was ashamed at accepting the money, but I told myself that it was for a good cause (him quitting smoking). I saw there was a $100 bill in there--Cam says that's from his friend, who bet that he wouldn't quit.

I'm surrounded by friends and family (and sometimes strangers) who do wonderful things to help me out. And I know it's not because 'good things come from bad,' I don't believe in that. These are good people who would do good things anyway. They enjoy helping others.

I prefer to believe that I'm just a lucky person. Even though I hate this. It's hard, and it remains a terrible experience.

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