27 December 2009

rain rain go away

Sadly, the snow is gone. For all my complaining about slipping and sliding, I like the snow. It's been raining for two days and two nights, washing away all the snow. The temperature has been in the 40s--in fact, I think it's over 50 this afternoon--if it all dries before it freezes, maybe I can safely leave the house.

I've been recuperating from skin breakdown. My plastic surgeon has recommended bone revision surgery to my residual limb, because the scar tissue is causing shearing, which leads to skin breakdown. Once the skin is damaged, it takes about a week to heal, a week during which I can't wear my prosthesis. So, without my prosthesis it's too dangerous to leave the house. Walking on crutches in ice and snow is ridiculously dangerous (though I admit I haven't yet tried the crutch spikes). Any injury--to hands, arms or foot--can put me back in a wheelchair.

But still I love the snow. I had such a pretty view of snow and trees outside the large windows in my (borrowed) sitting room. I would wish it back, but I suppose I would prefer to take a walk.

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