20 December 2009


The much-anticipated Blizzard of '09 arrived late last night, depositing over a foot of snow. In the past this would be cause for great joy. In fact, I wouldn't have referred to it as a 'snowstorm,' I would have been calling out 'POWDER ALERT'!! Over a foot of dry fluffy would have cried out for early morning hustling, hot coffee in the car and standing in line for the tram at 8am.

This is my first year as an amputee. It's been just over a year since the accident that caused me to lose my leg, and about nine months since I regained consciousness. Everything is still new and different to me. Everything is a new challenge.

We got snow about a week ago, just a few inches of slush. That gave me a taste of what to expect from this. I've learned that the most important thing about managing my life as an amputee is preparedness. Yesterday I positioned the snow shovel just outside the front door, within arm's reach. I have warm boots and clothes at the ready, and once I finish my morning coffee (ahhhh) I'll be ready to tackle the snow. Just a short walk to clear off, then the car.

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